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Step #6: Identifying Prospects

At this point in the buying process, you have an idea about locations that suit your needs.  You have that "pre-approval letter" from a financial institution.  You've created your lists of "Needs" and "Wants," you have some sense of the style of home you prefer - and you've come to terms with the fact that at least some condition issues will be a part of the buying process.  

By now, you're driving through neighborhoods, and surfing the real estate Web sites.  You're getting excited by the pictures and descriptions you've seen.  You're ready to get out there and look for your new home.

Congratulations!  You know a lot about what you want in a home.  But I need to know all of that information too!  With it, I can go to work helping you create a list of "prospect houses."  I have detailed information about every home listed for sale by local real estate professionals, and can match that information to yours, and create a list of homes worthy of your consideration.  

That list can include your suggestions too, of course!  We can meet to refine the list - We can do it by phone or email, too - with the goal of finding several prospect houses that are most likely to give you what you're looking for.  

You can count on me to fill in key features that aren't readily apparent when you drive by a house, or find one online.  Things like actual legal descriptions, lot sizes, room dimensions, property taxes, and other details will be important elements in refining your search.  I can also advise you on showing activities, possible prior offers, and other things you need to know. 

The result will be a list of appointments to visit and examine the most appropriate "prospect houses" in the area.  


Your Key Step - Identifying Prospects:

Make sure I know as much about the house you want as you know.  Talk with me about the prospect houses we find. 

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