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Step #7:  Showing Your Home

Here's the typical procedure when someone wants to see your home.
  • An interested prospect will ask their Realtor to set up a showing.

  • Their Realtor will call me to make the arrangements

  • I'll make sure the prospect has the proper financial qualifications

  • I'll contact you to find a time that works for you

  • You'll leave your home 10-15 minutes before the scheduled showing

  • The prospect will tour your home with their Realtor

  • Their Realtor will provide written information about your home to the prospects and make note of any questions they have

  • Their Realtor will tell me about the prospect's impressions of your home and will forward their questions to me.  

  • I'll pass the prospect's feedback and questions on to you.

  • I'll pass your answers back to the prospect's Realtor, and find out for you if the prospects have any further interest .

If the prospects have any further interest in your home, they will likely arrange to make a second visit.  That's a great sign!  

If they don't express any immediate interest, it may well be because they're considering other homes.  Choosing a new home is a big decision, and takes time.  

The feedback provided by prospects is very important, even if the prospects aren't interested in your home.  They may mention deficiencies or issues that need to be addressed.  They may have questions that others will have.  You'll get an outsider's perspective of your home that may well identify things that can make your house more attractive to buyers.


Here are a few alternatives to the "standard procedure" I've outlined above.  

Don't be surprised if a house shopper knocks on your door and asks to see your house.  What should you do?  Have them (or their Realtor) call me to set up a showing.  That will give you time to get things in order, and to accommodate your family's schedule.   You deserve that time and consideration - And you want your house to look its best.  Don't forget about the step of 'qualifying' prospects by making sure they have a Pre-Approval Letter, too.  And don't put yourself in the position of having to negotiate with strangers on the spot.  That's what you expect me to do for you.  

As much as you want to be on hand when prospects tour your home, it's important that you leave and allow them private time to explore.

Be receptive to any feedback that the prospects' Realtor provides - It can help you make your home even more attractive.

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