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It is time to sell your home?
Here's how​

My Seller's Toolkit will guide you through each element of the selling process, from your initial decision, to a successful sale.  It's my way of helping you get through the hard parts.  I've even provided you with suggested "assignments" that will get you to your goal.  As your agent, I'll be with you every step of the way.  I'm your expert!

Step #1, Getting the "Ideal Sale"

Top Dollar! That's what you're after, isn't it? It's just that simple! Or is it? There are other factors that enter into the transaction that may not be as important as price, but are likely to be things you have to deal with. Time of closing, inspections, repairs, financing factors, and personal articles to be included - these are all things that often enter into a real estate transaction, and will often affect the way you make your decision.

That's why I'd like to discuss the terms of sale of your home, beyond just price. I'd like to help you create an "Ideal Sale," by identifying what you feel are the time, price, and terms for your home. As we're creating this "Ideal Sale," we have to remember that it's unlikely that we'll fulfill every requirement. But once I know what your ideal is, I can better tailor a marketing plan and respond more effectively to prospects.

Let's use an example to illustrate what I mean.

Let's say your "Ideal Sale" is for $200,000, closing in June after the kids are out of school, with a bank-financed transaction and a contract that allows you to take your water softener and satellite dish with you.

What if... Someone offers $205,000, but insists on closing in April?

What if... Someone offers $210,000, but wants you to carry a note for $20,000?

What if... Someone wants to close in June, but offers $190,000?

What if... Someone offers $200,000, but insists that you leave your family heirloom dining room furniture?

Well, the "what-if's" are numberless, and you'll probably be faced with a "what if" type of offer, rather than an "Ideal Sale." but you and I can only get the offer closest to your "Ideal" if you and I both know what it is. So the first step is to write down and discuss with me the set of conditions you consider your "Ideal Sale"

Once you have defined that "Ideal Sale," it's time to move onto Step #2, Choosing a Realtor.

Your Key Step - Getting the "Ideal Sale":  

Think about the varying importance of price, timing, and other terms involved in selling your house so you can discuss them with me. 

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