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Step #2:  Choosing a Realtor

I can't stress enough how important the Realtor is to the successful sale of your home. There are many factors to consider when choosing a Realtor, but perhaps the first is to look for a high-volume producer. Someone who sells 100 homes a year is MORE likely to sell yours than someone that only sells 5 or 6.


That full-time, experienced professional has the contacts, the day-by-day involvement, and the sales ability to generate 5 or 10 times as many sales as the inexperienced part-timer. That industry leader has the systems, equipment, staff and marketing tools in place to deliver successful results more often and more quickly than the cousin that just earned his license, or the housewife that's just working to make pin money.

In case you haven't noticed, you've already found a:

  • High-volume producer (In the top 1% of all agents worldwide!)

  • Named one of the 1,000 most-influential Realtors in the United States

  • Full-time, experienced professional (Successful Broker with 26+ years experience)

  • Industry leader (RE/MAX of Indiana Broker/Owner of the Year, Member of the Elkhart County Board of Realtors)

  • Number 1 RE/MAX Agent in the State of Indiana

  • Twice-named "Best Realtor in Elkhart," as chosen by readers of the Elkhart Truth


... It's ME, Barb Campbell. (Click here to go to my bio for the details!)


Sure, I'm proud of my success. But the simple fact is you want someone who is proven to produce results, over and over again, year after year - someone who has daily contact with active buyers, bankers, mortgage brokers, title companies, etc. Someone who is a well known name to buyers and sellers throughout the community and the industry. (ME!)

What if you could eat a gourmet meal for the price of lunch at McDonald's? What if you could stay in the Ritz Carlton for the same rate as the Day's Inn? What if you could have Vidal Sassoon cut your hair for the same price as Jimmy at the corner barber shop? What if you could have the BEST, but pay no more than the LEAST? That's what you get when you hire the area's leading Realtor.

You get a Realtor who sells more than 100 homes for the same cost as one who sells 5 or 6. You get a Realtor with 26 years of experience for the same cost as a beginner or part-timer. Although you pay NO MORE, you get THE BEST. Don't shortchange yourself. For the few times in your life when you sell a home, get the best possible service, marketing and experience. IT COSTS NO MORE!


After you've chosen a Realtor (This would be an ideal time to contact me... 574-320-1833;, it's time to establish the proper selling price.

Your Key Step - Choosing a Realtor:  

Find a successful, active, high-volume real estate agent to get the advantages of experience, market savvy, and industry contacts. 

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