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Elkhart Weather

Elkhart has a moderate Midwestern climate, with four distinct seasons, and only occasional extremes of temperature or precipitation.

  • Winter: Although snow can be expected, accumulations are limited, and much of the season is spent without snow on the ground. For ideal skiing and snowmobiling, travel a couple of hours north into Michigan.
    Average Temperature: 30 degrees

  • Spring: Glorious. It's a marvel of nature to watch every living thing wake up from winter, as trees fill with leaves, flowers burst into bloom, and seasonal birds return. 
    Average Temperature: 54 degrees

  • Summer: Busy, fun-filled. Hot, sunny days, punctuated by occasional thunderstorms and clouds. Great for boating on our river or lakes. 
    Average Temperature: 75 degrees

  • Fall: Beautiful fall foliage, and great seasonal holidays. (call or email me for my favorite "Fall Foliage Tour.") Indian summer is a tradition, as are Notre Dame tailgate parties. Come and have fun! 
    Average Temperature: 54 degrees

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