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Step #6:  Lights, Camera, Action 

Pictures are very important to today's real estate listings, because home shoppers spend so much time looking for homes online.  It typically takes 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours to get the pictures we want.  I work with the area's finest professional real estate photographer, with the talent, experience, and equipment to make your home a showplace in pictures.  You don't have to be on hand for the photos, because the photographer can use the lockbox keys to get inside.  You'll want your house to be "show-ready," though - Looking its best.  

Would an aerial view of your property enhance its appeal?  You're in luck!  I work with one of the area's few FAA licensed and certified commercial drone pilots.  It's unwise (and illegal) to use a non-licensed drone operator to get those aerial pictures - But with my licensed and experienced pilot, you don't have to worry - and you'll get the unique perspective only a drone can provide.

Once photos are taken, I'll upload all the information about your listing to the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  MLS is the recognized clearing house for all property listed by Realtors in the county, and represents the most active, most accurate, and most complete marketplace for real estate. MLS is the go-to tool used on an ongoing basis by Realtors for clients looking for homes. 

The data on MLS is used by every major real estate web site, including,, Trulia, and others.  It is the de facto source for real estate information across the entire country.  

That's why it is such a powerful and effective tool for presenting your property to the largest and most motivated market.  

Your Key Step - Lights, Camera, Action!  

Make sure your home is showroom ready for my photographer.

Beautiful pictures are an essential element in the marketing of your home.

My photographer knows how to make your home look its best - and that's like money in the bank!

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