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Let's Go See "That House!"

Have you seen it?  Have you discovered the house that just might be your "Dream House?" 

It's exciting, isn't it!  Maybe you found it on one of the real estate Web sites; maybe it caught your eye as you drove through one of your prospective neighborhoods.  You've devoured all the listing data; you've examined all the pictures.  All that's left is to take a look inside.  Let's DO IT!  Let's go see "That House!"

Call, text, or email me.  I can show you ANY house listed for sale anywhere in Indiana.  

Is MY SIGN in the front yard?  

Call, text, or email me.  I can contact the homeowner directly to set up a time for us to get inside.  NOTE:  If I'm representing the owner to sell their house, there are strict (and appropriate) rules in place to make sure neither you nor the seller have to disclose anything that would get in the way of your best interests.  I'll actually review those rules and have you sign a copy.  With that taken care of, things can move quite quickly and efficiently, because the communication is so much easier and more direct. ​

Is ANOTHER Realtor's sign in the front yard? 

(Unfortunately, I can't list them all!)  Call, text, or email me.  Since the homeowner has a real estate agent working strictly for their interests, you'll want me to do the same for you!  There's no stronger advocate or more experienced negotiator to help you get what you want.  I'll contact the seller's agent and set up a time for you and I to visit.  I'll make sure you have all the information you need to evaluate the property, I'll call your attention to things you might otherwise overlook, and I'll guide you through all the steps from that point on.  


Is the house "FOR SALE BY OWNER?"  

Call, text, or email me.  I can check comparable houses to see if the seller has set a realistic price.  I can research local government records to find essential - and accurate - information, like lot size, taxes, deeds, liens, zoning, restrictions, etc.  Should you want to make an offer, I'll turn the whole process into a well-organized, by-the-books transaction that gives you the legal protection you need when you're investing LOTS of money and the life of your family.  I'll bring my professional experience into a process that might otherwise be mishandled by (no offense!) amateurs.  

mar playhouse1.png

What if "That House" isn't your "Dream House..."

Relax!  There are many others to choose from.  Here are links to use to search homes throughout the Elkhart area.  Contact me so we can talk about what you're looking for.  Chances are it's out there, waiting for you. 

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