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Exciting!  I've been voted "Best Realtor® in Elkhart County"
- THREE years in a row!
I was named "Most Prominent Agent" in 2021, too!
-But enough about me!  What can I do for YOU?

Buying or selling: It's your home; I'm your expert.


Intrigued by a house you saw on-line or in the area?  Let's go look! 

If you think you've seen your dream home online or in the 'real world', contact me to get the inside scoop - and a look inside. 

Starting "The Search?" 

From finances to furnaces, there are a hundred and one details to remember when you're looking for the home that's right for you.  I'll guide you every step of the way.


Time to sell?  
Relax - I'm an expert at this

Here are my top tips on how to maximize the value and appeal of your home, plus advice on how to handle offers, and get the deal you want.

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